SOME BY MI V10 Pure Vitamin C Soap Bar 106g SOMEBYMI [GLAM]
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Size (L x W x H) 12 cm x 5 cm x 8 cm
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Product Description
Whitening soap bar is newly launched by Some By Mi.
If you are looking for the cleanser which works for whitening and brightening, V10 Pure Vitamin C Soap is perfect for you.
With natural oriented ingredients, vitamin C and other 10 kinds of vitamin are included.


=Main Effect=

- Whitening

- Moisturizing

- Soothing

- Skin refreshing

- Strenghens the skin


-High content (15,000ppm) of pure vitamin C & 10 multi-vitamins containung dull skin A whitening soap that gives a clear and bright toning effect

-Chamomile flower extract helps calm skin smooth skin condensation

-Synthetic additives, natural soap that does not contain harmful substances and can be used for sensitive skin

-Contains natural glycerin and rose hip oil to moisturize even after cleansing

-Cleanse the waste left over from the pores with rich vitamin bubbles


=3-Step Vita Tone-up Cleansing=

STEP_01 >> Remove Impurities

STEP_02 >> Vitamin Recharge

STEP_03 >> Moisturizes Finish


=Misunderstanding about Natural Soap=

My soap turned light orange

>> Naturally-derived ingredient, used in place of synthetic additives, can change soap's color but it is a natural phenomenon so don't worry.


There are waterdrops on the soap!

>> If air is humid, it can create water droplets when in contact with moisture in the natural soap. This is a natural phenomenon so don't worry.


Soap melted fast

>> Natural Soaps can melt easily when in contact with water. Use a soap container with good water drainage.


* Result above are not product defects but natural reactions of the natural ingredients. Do not worry and keep on using it.



- Do not apply on areas where you have an open wound, eczema, and dermatitis.

Suggested Use
1. Roll massage your cheeks.
2. Massage your nose up and down.
3. Roll massage your forehead below the hairline.
4. Carefully massage near your eyes and mouth.

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