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SKIN1004 Madagascar Hyalu-Cica Brightening Toner 210ml / Serum 50ml / Sleeping Pack 100ml [GLAM]
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Product SKU SKIN1004 Hyalu-Cica
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Hyalu-Cica Brightening Toner 210ml

Hyalu-Cica Brightening Toner will remove dryness, dead skin cells and leave with "Glowing Moisturized Skin."

Point 1) AHA + LHA exfoliator for removing dead cell
Point 2) "74%" of Madagascar Centella Asiatica for soothing skin
Point 3) Nano-sized molecular Ceramide biom for absorbing into skin barrier

**Follow these simple steps for best outcome:
1. Cleanse face and remove residue
2. Pour appropriate amount on hand
3. Spread gently on skin
4. Tap lightly for absorption
* Recommended for daily usage
Hyalu-Cica Blue Serum 50ml

Special Hyalu-Cica Formula for optimal hydration and soothing of skin
Enhance skin barrier and skin elasticity
For youthful and Supple Skin
Brightening and Anti-Aging Function

A daily moisturizing serum that uses an HYALU-CICA formula and five types of hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin.

1. Mother nature's moisture feeling wonderful fills your skin
2. Serum that delivers moisture to dry skin all day long
3. Hyaluronic-cica formula that combines the rich moisture of hyaluronic acid and the excellent soothing effect of cica in a golden ratio
4. Whitening, wrinkle improvement dual functional cosmetics
5. Nano-sized ceramic ingredients that are smaller than pores are quickly absorbed deep into the skin, providing a firm elasticity and strengthening the skin barrier.

How to Use
Pump an appropriate amount of the product and gently apply it in the direction of your skin texture.

Hyalu-Cica Sleeping Pack 100ml

Experience spotless and satisfying moisturization with SKIN1004's specialized Hyalu-Cica Formula, the golden ratio of hyaluronic acid for moisturization and cica for calming of the skin.

1. Hyalu-Cica for moisture
2. Ceramide Biom for supple skin
3. Melatonin for sleep
4. Whitening & Anti-Wrinkling
5. Artemisia Herba & Hibiscus Esculentus Extract

- Active Ingredients: Niacinamide, adenosine
- Functionality: Whitening and Anti-wrinkling
- Moist water-type gel texture
- Subtle blue from Gardenia Florida Fruit extract without any artificial colorant
- No fragrance, simply natural fragrance with ZERO artificial material

How to Use:
Step 01: Cleanse the skin at the end of each day.
Step 02: At the last stage of skin care, gently apply appropriate amount of sleeping pack along the skin texture.

Plus Tip
* Cool sleep during hot summer
1. Apply sleep pack 1.5x thicker on days of particularly dry skin to maximize moisturizing sensation.
2. Keep in the refrigerator for cool and refreshing calming effect (Storing in room temperature again may spoil the product).
3. Apply on non-facial areas sensitive from dryness for calming and moisturizing effect.

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