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SECRET KEY Aloe Soothing Moist / Rose Floral Softening / Tea Tree Refresh Calming / Witch Hazel Pore Clear Toner 248ml [GLAM]
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Secret Key Toner (248ml)

Aloe soothing, Rose Softening, Tea Tree Refresh, Witch-hazel Pore Clear

4 Different Types of Toner for Your Skin Condition, Changed by Weather!

Thanks for its convenience and diverseness, you can choose according to the season ~ your skin type~ your taste!



Moisturizing+Soothing+Hydration+3rd Cleansing: All in One! Vitalizing Organic Moisturizer.

Cleansing/ No chemical/ Hydration

No Chemical preservatives, Paraben free, Benzophenon free, Mineral oil free, Stimulus-low

Wipe out make up residue, minute dust, old wastes from pores clearly even after washing the face.

Provides diverse choices as per skin type without stimulus


Aloe Soothing Moist Toner

-Skin Moisture Care-
Sufficient moisturizing component in Aloe immediately hydrates dry skinand keeps the skin moisturized a long while.

Hydration, Keeping skin moisturized, Soothing

Containing13 Kinds of Botanical Extracts


Rose Floral Softening Toner

-Clear Vitality Care-

Containing fresh Rosa Damascena Flower Water,this toner softens rough and dry skin and hydrates skin for smoothness and liveliness.

Softening, Hydration, Keeping skin moisturized

Containing 15 kinds of Botanical Extract

Tea Tree Refresh Calming Toner

-Skin Redness Care-

Tea tree toner, working as an astringent, soothes irritated skin with skin troubles.

Tea tree scent delivers fresh feeling.

It also removes waste in clogged pores without stimulation for your clear skin.

Reducing Sebum Production, Removing Waste in Clogged Pores, Soothing and Astringing

Containing 15 Kinds of Botanical Extract

Witch-hazel Pore Clear Toner

This toner controls overactive sebaceous glands and unclogs pores to make your skin refreshed with clear pores.

With-hazel is called as "Magical Flower" of Indians

It immediately soothes tanned skin or insect bites so clear skin care is possible, and thoroughly removes makeup residue after cleansing.

This Emollient Skin Toner with 15 kinds of botanical extracts doesn't irritate skin even when you apply it right after cleansing and creates bright and clear skin.


How to Use

Wipe out your face except eye area with applying appropriate amount on cotton puff.Can be used as hydration pack if necessary of intensive hydration.

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