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SOME BY MI Red Teatree Cicassoside Final Solution Serum 50ml [GLAM]
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-RED TEATREE FINAL SOLUTION- Final Solution for Hypersensitive Skin

[Dual functional in Whitening · Anti-Wrinkle]

It remains the same even after you changed the products so many times?


You may have hypersensitive skin


-Recurring skin problems

-The skin irritated even by breeze and temperature change

-The skin irritation caused by air pollution

-The skin change caused by work stress

-The skin that becomes sensitive due to the repeated used of mask

-A change that you experience once a month as a female


-Red Tea tree Cicassoside for 365 days sensitive skin- -A final serum for Sensitive skin- The last chance to escape from skin emergency!

[ Intense calming serum for hypersensitive skin ]


= Red Teatree 86 % Sensitive skin care

= Cicassoside™ Calm skin

= PHA, Low-pH Low-irritation formula


-MAIN INGREDIENTS- Key ingredient to calm hypersensitive skin

-Red Teatree 86 %



-More powerful calming energy “Red Teatree”- Red Tea tree which provides more powerful calming care, frees you from worrying about irritation and help calm hypersensitive skin.


What is Red Tea tree?

A type of Teatree plant that only lives in East cape island located in the north part of New Zealand helps calm down skin.

-Highly concentrated CICA CARE Cicassoside™- Highly concentrated Cicassoside (Madecassoside), extracted from Centella asiatica helps calm sensitive skin from irritants.


-Stop skin from becoming more sensitive! PHA + Low pH- Low pH formula is combined with PHA to gently exfoliate dead skin cells And help improve healthy skin balance.


-Non-sticky texture Melting into skin- It provides skin with moisture and active ingredients while leaving refreshing feeling without stickiness that even sensitive skin can use without having to worry.


-HOW TO USE - After using toner, take an appropriate amount and gently spread onto the entire face, pat lightly until absorbed into skin.


-Content : 50ml

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