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SOME BY MI Retinol Intense Advanced Triple Action Eye Cream 30ml SOMEBYMI [GLAM]
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Retinol Intense Advanced Triple Action Eye Cream 30ml

[Brightening · Anti-wrinkle dual functional cosmetics]


-Action 1. Reduces wrinkles

-Action 2. Brightening

-Action 3. Firms the skin


=All-rounder eye cream for almost all-purposes=


=Tok, tok on any areas where needed Anti-aging=

Meet total anti-aging care that can be used on any concerning areas of loose, sagging skin such as eyes, forehead, lips, and neck.


=A perfect Anti-aging agent, Retinol=

#Pure vitamin A #lessen wrinkles #improves firmness

-Retinol is an amazing ingredient that normalizes skin cells and restores the aged skin to its previous state.

In the process of skin turnover, it solves many skin problems such as improving pore elasticity and wrinkles, smooth skin texture, etc.


=The area around eyes makes your first impression=

The area around eyes gets easily dry and loosed as it is thin and soft.

Darkening and wrinkles that get deeper, can make you look old and tired.


=Skin reset as soon as applied=

If you start to worry about wrinkles, firmness, and darkening, experience Retinol Triple Action Eye Cream. It takes care of the areas around the eyes, fine wrinkles, and pore elasticity to make a lumper and brighter-looking skin than before.


=Early anti-aging that slows down the time of your skin=

There is no set age for anti-aging for us who have different skin in different environments 

If you want to slow skin aging, start an effective anti-aging with Retinol Triple Action Eye Cream.


=Wrinkle improving synergy with patented technology “Retinol & Retinal”=

-Highly contented, highly pure anti-aging agent

It provides complete anti-aging through ingredients that reduce wrinkles and increase firmness.

1. As much of sensitive ingredient it is, it is delivered safety

2. Absorbs deep into the skin without any leftover

3. Mild daily care


Partial wrinkle care, from deep wrinkles to fine wrinkles

=Retinal, Retinol=

It prevents and improves wrinkles on eyes, lips, and neck, caused by modern life patterns


Tight-looking skin lifting without being loose or saggy

=Plant-based collagen, peptide=

It plumps the loose and sagging skin due to the reduce of collagen with firmness


Brighter eye areas, Brighter appearance

=Glutathione, Tranexamic Acid =

It focuses on dark circles that make dull and tired-looking skin to prevent pigmentation and provides effective brightening care.


Hydrated areas around eyes that doesn’t give you a chance to get dry

=Panthenol , Hyaluronic acid, Trehalose=

Balances the moisture to keep the skin hydrated without dryness


It finishes with calming effect to prevent the skin from becoming sensitive

=Truecica™, Glacial water, Water lily=

It gives soothing finish to the sensitive skin exposed to strong sunlight during the day


=A refreshing finish like a breathing skin=

If you didn’t care because you didn’t like the stickiness of eye cream, don’t worry anymore.

Retinol Triple Action Eye cream finishes with a moisturizing sensation with a refresh texture


=How To Use=

At the last step of the evening skincare routine, after cleansing, take an adequate amount and gently pat onto the areas around the eyes and the areas where you feel concerned about the wrinkles.



1. In case of sensitive skin, you may experience redness or scaly skin when using for the first time. However, it is a natural process of skin turnover. (We recommend you use a generous amount of calming cream.)

2. As retinol is sensitive to light and heat, it is recommended to use the product in the evening and when using it during the day, always use sunscreen after applying retinol.

3. During the period of using the product, remember to use sunscreen the next morning.

4. Before using, make sure to apply basic skincare items such as toner, serum, and cream.


**Avoid using it on these occasions**

- Avoid using the product together with any laser treatments or Beauty appliances

- Avoid using chemical, physical exfoliating product

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